How do you make technically complicated instructional texts sound like casual conversations? You don’t, you hire me… as Transamerica did for their video training series about life insurance.


Hosting this infomercial with the “Godmother of Infomercials" Kathy Mitchel had me both talking and tasting. Who said men can't multitask? Storyteller, narrator, demonstrator… I was built for a live audience. I’ll show-off your product, convey key messaging, and elevate your audience experience. My secret weapon… a loud microphone.


A near wipeout at the audition led to hosting the internationally successful family of Trikke scooter infomercials that would run for 8 years, driving $50 million in sales by the 3rd year.


As Product Expert for CHASEit on E!, I hosted live gift card segments representing some of America’s largest retailers (Macy’s, Chili’s, and Zappos). Given only partial scripts, I was trusted to ad-lib live on television while remaining true to specific brand messaging.


After hosting a series of Disney’s "U Rock the Summer" spots, I started getting free stuff. Perhaps because the videos helped top disney.com's previous streaming record by 4 million streams—a 39% increase from the previous month (Variety).



How did I get a gig refereeing soccer puppies?  It started with seven years of hosting award-winning trade show booths and new product roll-out events for family-owned pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim. Totally worth it.


Sure, Acorda’s trade show booth stands out with dynamic colors, unique floor plans, and a high-tech gaming area… but getting neurologists to laugh is something you leave to a professional. 10 years & around the world we’ve been…


Butt-warming toilet seats… dog sitters… free sushi? Everything you've heard about Google is true. But when Smart Technology needed the Googlers trained in advanced digital white board technology, I was off to Googleplex… I still miss those fried rice breakfast burritos.


After hosting my first E3 Expo with this gaming great, they hired 6 hosts, me included, to present at their most important industry events throughout the year. The next year, they just hired me. After 14 years at gaming expos, trade shows, and VIP rooms, my ears are ringing.